Three friends arrive at a small hotel in Italy where they swear an oath to avoid women and focus on their studies. Soon two beautiful cousins arrive and when the owner of the hotel suggests that they all do a reading of a play to pass the long evenings, it isn't long before the three men realize that they have fallen for the three women. But misunderstandings, shyness, and grief are almost insurmountable as the men try to woo the women of their dreams.

Incorporating beloved scenes and lines from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, this romantic comedy proves that given the Bard's words, anyone has a chance at love.  

Runtime: 2 hours with a 15 minute interval.

Perfect for theater companies that want a very produceable  Shakespeare play.

Much Ado About Love is a modern love story set in Italy with an original plot crafted from the verse of 24 different Shakespeare plays and sonnets.


All New, All Shakespeare,  Six Characters

3 Men and 3 Women

Peter:  He is the natural leader of the three friends.  He is good natured, handsome, and well liked.  He also has a great sense of humor.  He is serious about his idea to give up women and focus on his studies.

Luke: He is happy go lucky, full of confidence, and loves life.  He is both handsome and charming.  He has high energy and enthusiasm and a bit of pride.

Derek: He loves language and is incredibly articulate – except around women he falls for.  He is likable and endearing in his awkwardness around women.  He is wealthy and well-educated, and his friends turn to him for his intellectual strengths. 

Katherine: She is attractive, intelligent, and thoughtful.  She comes across as reserved but very strong.  However, when she allows herself, she can be vulnerable.  Her grief stemming from the death of her father and brother is frequently just below the surface. She is focused on working through her grief, not on finding love.

Emma: She is attractive, funny, and full of energy.  She is a natural comedienne, sweet, and likeable.  She is also very sassy and strong willed.  She can be dramatic.  She is a romantic at heart and wants to find love.

Olivia: The owner of the hotel. She is lovely and very approachable.  She is outgoing, full of hospitality, and at ease with everyone – except men she is interested in.  She is confident in how she runs her hotel but not in her personal relationships.  She is someone that men often think of as a "friend".