Short Film - based on a scene from Much Ado About Love

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No one wrote more eloquently about love than William Shakespeare.  He captured the heady emotion of falling in love and the angst of longing in a way that is as relevant today as it was 400 years ago.

Much Ado About Love is an entirely new play crafted using only Shakespeare's original verse.   It  gives the audience an opportunity to hear and enjoy the same Shakespeare we love but in a modern romantic comedy.  Shakespeare aficionados will enjoy identifying lines from the over twenty-four plays and sonnets used in the script.  And people new to Shakespeare will be surprised at how the language can be so approachable.

Anyone who loves a romantic comedy will fall head over heels for Much Ado About Love.

Premier Production Trailer

London Workshop Reading

EMACT 2014 Award Winner: 

Excellence in Conceptual Creativity and Execution

"Hilarious but with a sweetness leaving the audience reaching for more"  Kira Skagen, Theatre Critic

"Witty, Sophisticated... A Must SeeBeacon-Villager

"Delightfully familiar and wonderfully new"  Harvard Post